Palm Guards - Pair

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Having ripped hands from pull ups, muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, strength exercises, drills as well as other gymnastic activities which could abruptedly end your training session or event? These palm guards help to protect your hands during the toughest training, events and WODs.

Features include:
  • 100% Supple Leather Palm Piece
  • Two-finger design fits to the base of the two middle fingers to cover the palm.
  • Narrow design allows for a solid grip.
  • Available in : White
  • Sizes S - L. 
  • Sold in Pairs.
What’s its best use? Palm guards are used primarily during high-repetition gymnastic and callisthenic workouts on the bars and rings. If you want your grip and your hands to last through to the end you need these guards!
Specifications and Construction Features: (Sizing Chart for Soft Beginner Hook and Loop Grips)
Measure the palm of the hand
From the base of the palm (where palm and wrist meet) to the base of the middle finger.

Size S – 9cm length of leather strip
Size M – 10.5cm length of leather strip
Size L – 12cm length of leather strip

Note: This sizing chart is an approximate guide and does not guarantee a safe or perfect fit. There are dimensions to the hand that cannot be taken into account with a flat measurement such as the position on the wrist where the athlete may decide to wear the wristband. Only the gymnast and his/her coach can make the proper judgment as to the correct size for any gymnast.

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Palm Guards - Pair

Palm Guards - Pair

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