Heavy Duty Knee Sleeves Pair (6mm)

S$ 79.00

Our Heavy Duty Knee Sleeves is designed to serve the needs of heavy lifters. It provides high compression and support, while not sacrificing flexibility by mobility. The backward side is designed to be slightly shorter so as to provide extra mobility at the bottom of the squat. 

The product is made of heavy duty, strong compression 6mm thick neoprene, and provides high durability to withstand high forces and friction. 

It can help provide support and prevent knee injury during heavy lifts.

It sells as a Pair.

Sizing Chart

Thigh Measurement: Measure 8cm from top of knee cap
Calf Measurement: Measure 8cm from bottom of knee cap
Pick one which comes closest to your measurement.

Note: Our measurements is measured to fit with a tight amount of tension based on the table. To learn how to wear a knee sleeve comfortably, please see this video.

X Small40-42cm34-36cm
X Large57-59cm44-46cm

This Knee Sleeves is not IPF approved and can be used for powerlifting meets by other federations like GPA as well as Strongman or other Functional Fitness competitions.


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Heavy Duty Knee Sleeves Pair (6mm)

Heavy Duty Knee Sleeves Pair (6mm)

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