Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt (with Free Mesh Bag)

S$ 89.00

This product is made using high quality genuine leather. Hand-sewn and double stitched, it is comfortable to use straightaway without the need to season it. It can be used as a support during bodybuilding or weightlifting. It is used to provide solid spine support and protection, when doing squats, deadlifts or shoulder press. 

Genuine leather is more durable than suede leather, and this does not come with padding for a closer fit to the body's contours. Over time, this product will conform to your body and be a durable belt to last for a long time.

It is tapered in a gentle manner to reduce pain of belt pushing into the back.

Take a measuring tape and measure the length of your waist at the belly button. This is your relaxed position. In a "braced" position for a deadlift or a squat, we typically find people drop their stomach size by 2 - 3inches. For example, a person with a relaxed stomach is 33 inches but his usual belt position is 31 inches. 

The sizing chart below is for the user when in the "braced" position. So we would advice reducing your measurement in the relaxed position by 2 inches to get the correct size. 


  • Thickness of belt: 10mm
  • Width at middle: 10cm 
  • Width at end: 6cm
  • S: Fits waist 24 inches to 31 inches
  • M: Fits waist 28 inches  to 35 inches
  • L: Fits waist 31 inches to 38 inches

To ensure you get a good fit, during check out, leave us this message 

"Hi! My measurement around my belly button is ___ in when braced and ___in when relaxed. Please help me measure before sending out the product."

Comes with free Mesh Padded Belt Bag (worth $15)! 


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Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt (with Free Mesh Bag)

Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt (with Free Mesh Bag)

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