As a responsible company who truly wish to see the growth of strength sports as well as healthy lifestyles in Singapore, we would do our best to support such events happening in Singapore. 

With our wide range of equipment, local collaborating partners (like tentage set up) and strong sourcing partners from around the world, we can sponsor equipment-in-kind, supplies needed for event (such as lanyards or banners) or prizes. We prefer not to sponsor cash as we believe with our contacts, we provide better support and value with other items. 

To write to us to sponsor your event, email with "Sponsorship: Event" in the subject. Let us know these details:

1. Name of Event
2. Date, Time & Duration
3. (Tentative) Location of Event 
4. Availability of Booth for Sales and Promotion & Size of booth in ftor m
5. Expected Participants
6. Expected Audience
7. Social Media Outreach / Channels
8. Support Needed (Equipment / Prizes / Event Supplies)
9. Other (Tentative / confirmed) Sponsors

We look forward to hearing from you! We would reply all emails but due to resource constraints, we may not be able to support all sporting events. That said, we hope to help any event, big or small, to succeed on their own terms!

Good luck!