On the last Saturday of every month, Movement First conducts an event at our location to allow our customers, friends and partners to challenge themselves physically. Regular training in a gym is important, but after a while, it may also become stale. These monthly event is designed to challenge your body in ways a typical gym session would not be able to. To encourage more participation, we also intentionally keep registration fees low so as to allow as many people to take part as possible.

At the top of this list, you would see the upcoming challenge and as you scroll further, you can watch videos of past challenges.

MF Challenge 5
Prowler Met Conditioning with their body weight over 20m in 25 seconds, as many rounds as possible.

MF Challenge 4
Farmers Walk with 60kg, 80kg and 100kg over 20m.

MF Challenge 3
Competitors will be tested on their time taken to do a hand-over-hand pull on a jeep over a 20m distance.

MF Challenge 2
Competitors were tested on what their 1 rep max overhead press was with the Swiss Bar.

MF Challenge 1 
Competitors were tested on their strength endurance, and they tried their maximum number of reptitions of deadlifts resisted with power bands at various weights.