We do have customers coming in from time to time asking us our opinions on weight training for their parents who are older than 60 years old all the way till 80 years old. Aging is a process which causes physiological and functional declines in the human body. It is common among the elderly to experience loss of muscle mass and strength. 

What we do know is that strength training (done 2 - 3 times a week) can build muscle strength, muscle mass and preserve bone density. It is also linked to reduction in risk of osteoporosis, heart diesease, arthritis and type 2 diabetes.

Even though it is clear that some form of basic strength training is helpful for elderly in controlled lab experiments, what we are concerned with is how to implement the same recommendations in homes where there could be minimal supervision. 

The elderly must first understand the rationale of doing such training. The aims are to improve mobility and basic strength in the elderly. 

The equipment which would be suitable for elderly would be: yoga mats, vinyl dumbbells, resistance bands as well as our range of mobility tools like slantboards and massage products. 

Talk to us about your concerns and we will advise you to the best of our knowledge.

A great resource to be reading for elderly fitness training is: http://growingstronger.nutrition.tufts.edu/growing_stronger.pdf

If you would like to see other inspiring elderly related strength training, see this video! 

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Posted by 7 News Queensland on Thursday, July 9, 2015