Climbing Sports

What is the first thing that come into your mind when you see the word climbing?
Toned arms? Rock solid core muscles? Vice gripped forearms

Climbing is an exquisite sports that challenges both the mind and the body.
Some says that this is more of an art than a sports...

One thing about climbing is that you will never get bored with it.
There will always be a harder route to scale,a tougher level of wall configuration,and a bigger boulder to conquer.

So what makes a rock climber a rock climber? Besides having a passion to live on the edge (pun intended),
the underlying similarities is unholy pulling strength as well as gorilla worthy gripping power.

The basic necessities of a climber will definitely be Chalk. Our Movement First Chalk sticks well to the palm while climbing
and provides a sweat free, and therefore slip free climbing session. The last thing you would want to be concerned about will be
a sweaty palm while climbing!

Next stop, how to enhance your pulling power? Simple, by practicing over and over again. We however provide tools that will simultaneously
train the pulling strength as well as the grip strength. You will only be as strong as your weakest link (Grip), and this is often
the differentiating factor from an amateur and a champion.

Globe Grip

Allows users to engage their forearm while doing pull ups. You will have to conciously give maximum effort in squeezing the items

Manus Orb

Thick bars stimulate much more muscle activation in the hands, forearms, upper arms and whole upper body.
Higher muscle activation = Bigger muscle/Strength Gains
Can be mounted on overhead bars or barbells.

Pipe Bomb Grandfather Clock Grip

Adds variations to your towel pull up. Due to its solid nature and thicker specification, you will have to grip extra hard.

Dog Bone Grip

It allows unstable pulling variation for globe grip. The instability forces user to engage their core muscle when they are doing pull up.

Pinch Blocks Grip

This is by far the hardest grip tool that we have in our company. Hanging on it is already a challenge. If you can do just 1 perfect pull up
on this, you are definetely on the expert level.

Beastmaker Hangboard 1000

This is good simulation for budding climbers to train up their finger strength. You can practice hanging on your fingers or also
do finger pull ups. This hangboard comes with different finger placement variations to stimulate less than perfect climbing scenarios.

There, you will have enough tools to enhance your climbing skills! Alright enough talk, lets start pulling and gripping.