Consultation - Before Purchase

Are you interested in Strength and Conditioning training but do not know how to start? Are you interested in a range of equipment but unsure what weights are suitable for you? Do not worry! We have a straight to your door step service where we bring the equipment to your door so you can test the weights, and our trainer can advice you based on your current fitness level. There will be no hard sell of equipment, but in return, the charges will be $40/hour. The whole idea is for a fair exchange of time.

We will ask you which equipment you are interested in, and then thereafter bring it down for you to try and if you like it, you can buy it on the spot. 

Consultation - After Purchase

If you have bought any products from Movement First and would like to learn it through a 1 - 1 session, we offer a subsidized price of $40/hour for you to learn. If there are more people in your family interested, do get them to come along! Everyone deserves to learn how to become athletic!

You will be brought through basic joint mobility, movements (squat, deadlift) and then moving to how to use your equipment in as many ways as it allows, and depending on your current level of fitness. 

If you would like follow up sessions, do speak personally to the trainer assigned to you.

Personal Training

If you would like to arrange for personal training, such services are also available. The trainer would go down to your home to train you using your tools, and he may choose to bring some of his own tools along. All personal trainers are properly accredited and certified. The charges will be $80/hour - $120 / hour depending on the seniority of the trainer assigned to you based on your schedule and our available trainers.

Corporate Training

Exercise has also been found to lead to an increase in physical working capacity (PWC). PWC is the maximum amount of energy that a person can expend for a short time. Pronk and colleagues (1972) conducted a 12-month exercise training program on 237 male employees. Participants reported that they could work harder than before, both mentally and physically, and enjoyed their jobs more. Talk to us about corporate training! We can arrange for you to purchase the minimum equipment and then have our trainers go down to conduct group training for your staff.

The Health Promotion Board of Singapore has made available a Workplace Health Promotion grant where the government co-pays half the training services! Take advantage of this scheme and we will do our best to help you seek approval for it. For more information, click here:


If you are interested in these services, do email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.