Gymnastics Bungee Kit

S$ 89.00
Use this to train your gymnastics movements like
  • Handstands
  • Iron Cross
  • Front Lever
  • Planche etc.
By using the power bands, it provides support for you to get into the complicated movements without being intrusive by providing leverage.

If you require stronger support, you can consider getting different power bands combinations.

If the bands are too long, for example doing planche work on a pull up bar, you can loop the bands back onto itself, effectively reducing the length by half. 

For rings work: Black or Purple power band
For handstand work: Purple or Green power band

Comes with 
1 x Multi purpose Waist Belt
2 x Black Power Bands (can be changed above)
2 x Utility Kit
2 x Carabiner


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Gymnastics Bungee Kit

Gymnastics Bungee Kit

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