Pro-Grade Kettlebell - 36kg - 54kg (Rust Resistant)

Get blasted with this unique tool from Russia. Burns 20 calories a minute.

S$ 230.00

These kettlebells are for Pre-Order only.

Place your order online, we will require a 50% deposit and we will have it custom made.

Because it is a preorder, you can even customize the colour of your bell! 

The expected lead time is 2 - 4 months, depending on our next production schedule.


A kettlebell is a exercise tool that looks like a ball attached with a handle.  Used initially as a counterweight in shipping yards a long time ago, it is now known as a highly effective fitness tool. Because the weight of the bell is displaced from the handle, it makes some exercises harder by challenging the core and stabilizer muscle. For the general public, it makes your workouts more effective and for the serious athletes, it has the additional benefit in promoting greater work capacity, also known as strength endurance. 

Professional Grade Kettlebells have the same dimensions and handles as the weight increases which allows you to progress to heavier weights without having to adjust the technique continually. 

What is the difference between our Kettlebells and those available in the market?

  1. Rust-Resistant Handles. We invested in better technology and worked with our factories to create a rust-resistant formulation while adhering to the dimensions required of kettlebell handles. In Singapore's humid weather, rust resistant kettlebells are a must have, otherwise you will have to spend time regularly sanding and polishing the rust off your handles. It is recommended to wipe the handles with a dry cloth after every workout.

  2. Textured Handles. Our handles now come electroplated with a textured surface, which provides better grip and adhereability for chalk to stay on the handles for long sets. Why do our new kettlebells have a textured handle rather than a smooth handle? After consultation with our customers, the primary objective of a kettlebell workout is overall strength and conditioning, hence the focus should be on intensity and form. The issue with smooth handles is that it overtaxes the grip and will distract you from your workout. Hence, smooth handles is not beneficial for the majority of our customers, who use in their homes for strength and conditioning of the whole body, and not a forearm focussed workout.

  3. Competition Dimensions. All our kettlebells conform to competition standards, and will be a good tool either for sport development or fitness training.

  4. Customized Branding. While others may approach a factory and slot their order in with another brand that is available, we worked directly with the factory to engrave our brand on the kettlebell. This allows us to customize the product in greater detail and ensure our high standards are met. When the kettlebells are sourced from another brand, you can never be sure of the standards that may change from batch to batch. However, this also means we have to place a much larger order compared to others, but we do so to make sure you get the best kettlebells available.
Pro-Grade kettlebells are the standard used during kettlebell competitions, hence it is also know as competition grade. What's more, our kettlebells are certified by Asian Union of Kettlebell Lifting, which ensures our bells are built to the highest standards and the best quality for you!

Here's a short history on kettlebells and what it is good for: 

Here's how kettlebells is used in Kettlebell Sport, over ten minutes: 

Note: The handles of our new version of kettlebells is rust-resistant. It comes with an electroplated coating. To reduce the chance of rust developing, it is recommended to wipe the handle with a dry cloth after every workout.  


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Pro-Grade Kettlebell - 36kg - 54kg (Rust Resistant)

Pro-Grade Kettlebell - 36kg - 54kg (Rust Resistant)

Get blasted with this unique tool from Russia. Burns 20 calories a minute.

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