MF Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

S$ 600.00
  • Stall bar for performing range of motion exercises from sitting or standing positions
  • Versatile for use in sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, or hospitals
  • New Zealand Pine Wood coated in anti-humidity varnish for durability
  • Measures 240 x 12 x 93 cm  (H x L x W), with 38mm diameter dowels
  • Weight capacity of 120kg
  • Weight: 20kg
Perfect for sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals alike. Users can perform shoulder range of motion exercise from a sitting or standing position. Top rungs are designed for chin-ups or pull-ups. Great for rehabilitation or pre-rehabilitation (preventing injuries, and correcting posture and improving body alignment).

The pull up bar and rungs can cater to human body weight. However, it is not suitable for weighted pull ups. 

Assembly and Delivery: It is provided in the base price.

Installation to Wall

Ease of installation with 8 x Plastic Wall Plugs with screws.

Installation to wall will cost a further $100. It includes drilling holes and applying construction sealant. Customer would be responsible to ensure the wall is not a false partition and is a weight bearing wall. We are only able to install on concrete walls. If the installation wall has tiles, we will not be able to install. You will need a specialized contractor to do the installation. 

This product is Made in China with Pine wood imported from New Zealand.


How does it compare with Artimex Sport wall bar? In terms of quality, the Artimex Wall Bar is definitely heads and shoulders better than our in-house version, which is Made in China with New Zealand Pine Wood, a softer pine wood. For commercial use, the Artimex Sport Wall Bar is the best we have to offer. For home or boutique gym use, you can consider our in-house version. 


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MF Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

MF Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

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