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Weighted Power Bag (Sample)
Weighted Power Bag (Sample)

Weighted Power Bag (Sample)

This product was bought as a sample and was not used much so it is in good condition.

It is almost identical to the power bags we sell, except it does not bear our logo. 

Please note that at this product is a sample is being sold at a discounted price, thus we will not accept any exchanges or refunds.

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59cm (L) x 21cm (D)

Sandbags are used in functional exercise as it can resemble daily movement.

With a sandbag, the center of gravity is always shifting, because the sand moves back and forth, causing your core to engage in a different way than with a stable weight, even when you aren’t doing a core-focused exercise!

Each bag features 5 heavy duty end straps/handles that cater to almost any movement you can think of!

The different weights available are colour coded for easy identification and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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