Tile Rubber Gym Mat (25mm)
Tile Rubber Gym Mat (25mm)
Tile Rubber Gym Mat (25mm)
Tile Rubber Gym Mat (25mm)

Tile Rubber Gym Mat (25mm)

As the mat is made of rubber, there will be a slight rubber smell.
The smell will usually be gone after it has been left in the open air.

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 25mm

Weight: 5kg/mat

No tax

Quantity Discount You Save
5 $1.00 Up to $5.00
10 $2.00 Up to $20.00
20 $3.00 Up to $60.00
50 $4.00 Up to $200.00
100 $5.00 Up to $500.00

1 plastic connector is provided for every 2 mats for easy installation

Durable 25mm thickness

Good noise and shock absorption

Colour customization (fleck colour) is available for orders above 50 sqm (6-8 weeks lead time).

These mats are designed to be thick enough to withstand heavy gym equipment but still smooth to the touch due to its laminate finish. 

This makes the mats versatile enough to be used as weight room flooring and as padding for high contact sports like BJJ for example. 

Material: EPDM Flecks + Recycled Rubber

As the mat is made of recycled rubber, there could be batch differences. The variance tolerance of the mat thickness is +/- 1mm.

Combine with Cutting Tool Set and Paper Template to DIY your own floor mat set up!

Excellent for confined, small or wide open fitness areas

Small sized pieces allow you to fit unusually shaped areas of your fitness facility or studio

Effective at deadening loud noises because it absorbs the sound instead of heightening it

Non-slip surface also means reduced liability from dangerous falls on wet floors, especially around heavy equipment

Customize to your needs - use as little as one mat to an entire wall to wall room

These mats are a snap to incorporate into any area you need protection for you, your children or the floors themselves. The cushion allows you to execute jumps and other plyometric moves without fear of damaging your joints or bones as well as provides a buffer between the floor and your heavy weight lifting equipment.  No more dents or scratches on your valuable home or gym wood flooring.

Simple to install, all you do is lay them down into position and the weight of the mat secures it into place. No glue needed so when you need to relocate your equipment or just want a change of scenery for your workouts, lift and go! The interlocking mats will not move on the floor once it has been set up.

Washing these mats is just as easy, no special cleaners needed, just soap and water!

Installation service:

Each mat is charged as per the price above (including any applicable volume discounts). It would include delivery to your address and to your room, then laid on the floor as per your instructions. It does not include moving items or furniture out of the area. The mats are heavy enough and will not be glued to the ground.

If required, cutting service will be $7 per mat. That said, we do not recommend laying the mats edge to edge in your room, this is because all rubber mats eventually expand outwards, hence leaving space at the side will prevent mats from curling upwards as it expands. This is a common issue in older commercial gyms. If you require cutting service for an odd shaped room, do drop us an email with your floor plan. 

Leveling: We will provide free service to level the mats at the interlocking edges for larger projects and if the height difference between mats is very obvious.

Volume discounts available (mats only without additional services):

1 - 4 Mats: $20 / pc
5 - 9 Mats: $19 / pc
10 - 19 Mats: $18 / pc
20 - 49 Mats: $17 / pc
50 - 99 Mats: $16 / pc
100 Mats and above: $15 / pc
200 Mats and above: Please ask us for a quote

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