Professional 20kg Olympic Barbell

S$ 299.00

A feature that is important for Olympic lifts is the high quality rotating sleeves. When you lift a barbell from the ground to the position above your head, the bar turns 180 degrees. The weight plates need to stay in place and not exert any torque on your wrists. The sleeves need to rotate freely and smoothly while supporting the weight of the plates.

Each bar has great spin due to 8 Over-sized Needle Bearings and 4 Over-sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings for durability.  Our newest bars uses Bronze Bushings and Needle Bearings for good reason. They are more durable than ball bearings when hit with radial impact. The needle bearings will provide consistent spin. A combination of bronze bushings and needle bearings are also used in top of the line barbells in USA and Europe. The sleeves come with Hard Chrome for scratch-resistant finish. This means lesser maintenance.

This bar features a mild knurling at the centre and a moderate knurling for the grip. At the centre, the knurling is mild to allow for some grip in the back squat and front squat. The idea is for your body to be able to identify the bar is sitting correctly in the centre of your upper back for the back squat or the neck for your front squat or cleans that it is anchored precisely. It is not so aggressive that it will cause skin tears at the area, but just right for that grip.

Spring steel is also commonly used in the manufacture of metal swords used for stage combat due to its resistance to snapping or shattering. The bar is rated 180000 PSI (or 180KSI) which means it will have good whip and return to straightness after the lift. The weight capacity is 600kg. The knurling for the hands is moderate while not being too aggressive.

A word of caution about bars that are too cheap. Overall, bars do not break. Usually, they bend so much during a heavy squat and they never bend back to become straight. Then the bar is condemned after 6 months of use. In the off-chance that you use a cheap bar long enough, they do break as cheaper metal is used in their construction. And when it breaks, it probably will not be sitting in the rack. It is really not worth it to get a cheap bar. 

Our barbells are used intensively at SG Titans, a strongman group, with good reviews. They have used much cheaper bars, and some have spoilt within a session! That it why we decided that we would bring in bars which would stand up to heavy duty use. Olympic Barbells are probably one of the most complicated products to produce in the fitness world. It is possible to manufacture a bar to be sold at S$100, but with the poorest standards - steel with low tensile strength which would get bent easily; ball bearings which does not have consistent spin and cannot withstand radial impact; low adherence to standards which means inconsistent bar weight.

You can buy from us with confidence because we state our specifications clearly. We know exactly what type of metal, bushings, bearings that is inside this barbell as we are personally interested in making a high quality and affordable barbell for the masses. Other sellers will just buy the cheapest barbell from the factory with poor quality materials and sell for a seemingly cheaper price in Singapore. This is not who we are, or are interested in becoming.

What you pay would be what you get, and buying a good quality bar is a investment you should not scrimp on, especially if you are in the iron game for long. We invite you to do a comparison with other bar suppliers based on quality by visiting our showroom to test it for yourself. 

With the right use, our barbells will be able to last for a pretty long time. However, wrong use would quickly decimate even the best bars. Wrong use would be dropping the bar from hip / shoulder height using non-bumper plates from cast irons or rubber coated weight plates. These weight plates have no shock absorbing abilities and would transfer the shock and damage the needle bearings in the barbell, hence causing the spin in the bars to stop being smooth. If you would like to drop the barbell from hip height after a deadlift, we recommend using mainly bumper plates, and using some cast iron plates at the end... or better yet, don't drop the bar unless you have no choice. 

  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Finishing: Electroplated
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Dual Knurling pattern for weightlifters and powerlifters
  • Passive centre knurling
  • Weight  tolerance: +2%/-2%
  • Total length: 220cm
  • Inner bar length: 131cm
  • Sleeves length: 41cm
  • Grip diameter: 28 mm.
  • Sleeves outer diameter: 50mm
  • Maximum load: 600kg
  • Tensile Strength: 180 000 PSI
  • 4 Bronze Bushings and 8 Needle Bearings for super smooth Spin
Comes with 2 spring collars.

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Professional 20kg Olympic Barbell

Professional 20kg Olympic Barbell

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