International Shipping

Movement First is capable of exporting items overseas via our preferential corporate partnership with Aramex. Depending on your location, the prices will differ. All items are sent via air freight and will arrive within 7 working days. We can also send it to your via sea shipping using pallets.

You will find many of our products more competitively priced when compared to your local stores.


Products that will make sense to be bought from us are typically items that are lighter while being high value in nature. For example, suspension trainers, resistance bands, heavy grips, LED programmable timers, parallettes, agility ladders, empty sandbags etc. We find a good weight to be exporting overseas is more than 5kg, as we would be able to offer more competitive rates.

However, air freight will pose to burden for some other items you attempt to buy. Products typically used as dead weight, like dumbbells, kettlebells, bumper plates would not make sense to be sent overseas, and would be cheaper to buy from your local seller. 

Otherwise, your order should be reasonably substantial to send using pallets and sea shipment, which would definitely be more cost effective for you.


How to Order

If you would like to order items from us to be sent overseas. Do send me an email to with the following details.

1. Name
2. Country
3. Address
4. Postal Code
5. Contact Number
6. Items wanted & quantity
7. Any special request, if any.

We will reply you with the total cost plus air freight. Payment is made using international bank transfer only.

We hope to be able to work with gym owners in the region to spread the growth of strength and conditioning field.

We have had experience shipping to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Hong Kong.


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