Tale of the Tape

Sports Tape are generally used in the prevention of sports injuries. It is used to help support injured joints, overstretched ligaments, worn muscles and at almost any other part of the body. There is nothing much magical in the tape, it does not improve the performance or make you superman but it does relieve discomfort, pain and the swelling of injuries.

Overall purpose of Sports Tape is

  •          Provides extra line of defence for injury prone areas
  •          To restrict excessive movements limiting chances of more injury
  •          Mechanical reinforcement
  •          Correct alignment of weak muscles
  •          increase blood flow by lifting the skin hence increasing blood flow and circulation 

This Sports Taping Workshop will guide and give you an insight on how to use sports tape suitable to your needs. 

Workshop includes :

  1. Introduction to sports taping
  2. Fundamental taping principles
  3. Different types of tapes for different needs 
  • Rigid
  • Kinesiology
  • Others

      4 Practical demo & practice sessions

  • Preventive full ankle strapping
  • Figure 8 ankle strapping
  • Wrist and Finger taping
  • patella tendon tape 

(Event pictures are from Naval Base Secondary School for students from Basketball, Netball and Football)



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