Bench Racks & GHD

Bench Racks & GHD

Premium Power Rack

A quick way to judge the quality of the rack - all things being equal - is the weight. A lot of the competing racks in the same price range as ours are as much as 20% lighter. With lesser materials, the cost can be lowered, hence a cheaper selling price. However, a rack is a long term investment, and you should buy the best available within similar budget...
Bench Racks & GHD

Bulgarian Split Squat

Dimensions: 80cm (L) x 65cm (B) x 63cm (H)  Material: Powder-Coated Steel Weight: 14.5 kgIt will be delivered assembled. Sold in a single piece
Bench Racks & GHD

Deadlift Band Pegs

Add resistance to your deadlifts with these band pegs anchors
Bench Racks & GHD

Seal Row Bench

Dimensions 100cm (L) x 110cm (W) x 80cm (H)
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