In the world of Powerlifting, there are dozens of federations globally. This link provides a good guide on how to choose your federation for your purpose.

In Singapore, the 2 main federations are IPF (International Powerlifting Alliance) and GPA (Global Powerlifting Alliance).

The main difference is that IPF requires their lifters to use certified equipment before they can compete. For GPA, their lifters just have to ensure that their equipment do not exceed the specifications allowed. 

The cost of certifying that your equipment meets IPF requirements is enormous. Metal Sport did a post about this in 2015. At the end of the day, Metal's post managed to cause the secretary of IPF to resign, and for IPF to relook their certification fees. However, to keep up with the market, Metal continued paying for the revised fees.

For a company which caters predominantly to Singapore's community, it is very hard for us to justify paying the exhorbitant rates and then pass on the cost to our customers.

Hence our philosophy to making gear for powerlifting is kept simple. We will produce the best equipment using the best quality materials and sell them at lower prices. Our factory partners make the same equipment for the major powerlifting and strongman brands in the world, and if you compare them side by side, it would be hard for you to tell the difference in a blind test. We will also ensure that our equipment are always kept in stock so your waiting time is minimal. 

This will allow beginners and new lifters who are unsure of their preference to get their first belt, strap or wrap and to see if it suits them. After a period of lifting and they are certain of their interest and would like to turn competitive, they can then commit to more expensive equipment from the major brands. If you have no intention of being competitive, and would just like equipment to provide better support during lifting, our equipment will more than suit your needs.

Our equipment range includes:

  • Weightlifting Belts - Suede Leather Padded / Genuine Leader Non Padded
  • Powerlifting Belts - Single Prong / Double Prong / Lever / Quick Release
  • Neoprene Waist Bands
  • Lifting Straps - Cotton Padded, Nylon Webbing non padded, Figure 8, Leather
  • Wrist Wraps - Basic, Stiff, Strongman Stiff
  • Strength Wraps
  • Compression Loops
  • Benchpress Support
  • Palm Guards
  • Hip Circle
  • Gloves - Leather with light padding

Our equipment will suit you if you are

  • A beginner who is unsure of what to pick for your first equipment
  • A recreational lifter who needs equipment support
  • Not planning to compete in IPF competitions
  • Not planning to compete in any competition

We hope this explains how we view our position in the powerlifting equipment market, and how we can help you make your first step towards a fitness lifestyle.

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