We set the bar high

For a small island, Singapore has a high number of companies selling fitness equipment. Everyone would like a finger in this pie. Movement First grew from the back of a motor workshop in 2012 to a 14000 sqft warehouse in 2019. We keep 95% of our products in ready stock.

From one website of an online store to another, it's impossible to know the scale of the operations supporting it. Whether the website is simply a reseller who is buying from Taobao masquerading as a fitness expert, or a real business working directly with factories to create products suitable and catered for the Singapore market, it is hard to differentiate.

Prices do not tell the full story

It may seem simple to compare on the basis of prices alone. However, it is easy to make products cheaper, but it is not easy to make a product better. We decide the thickness of the material, why adding certain additives will make the yoga ball more durable or why using a high quality steel alloy is a cost effective option between spring steel or 45# steel. Our prices are a result of working directly with a good factory for most of our products, and a long and laborious process of deciding and making a judgment call on what is ideal for the Singapore market.

How do you control the quality of a product if all you are doing is buying from the cheapest source on Taobao? This explains why for some companies, every photo of the weight plates during delivery is inconsistent. Manufacturing a proper weight plate involves controlling the size of collar (50.4mm to 50.8mm), the materials (metal or recycled or virgin rubber) and additives (more additives could make product brittle but cheaper to produce) and ensuring the factory maintains those standards across batches through our own testing. We even pay extra to factories for them to conduct extensive QC before sending it out for us. In return, they are fully responsible if any mistakes happen. 

When it comes to sourcing, we visit tradeshows to find better factories, conduct factory audits and understand their process so we can find a common middleground to produce cost effective, high quality products. 

Real, accurate product photos

While we invest the time, money and equipment to take photographs of our products accurately. Some other businesses simply take our photos and upload it as their own. It happens often, and this is just one example. If the company does not even have the resources to invest in basic photography capabilities, what else are they really lacking behind a shiny surface?

After sales support is IMPORTANT 

While the above sounds like marketing mumbo-jumbo, if something wrong happens with the equipment you bought, you would have wished you bought from a more reputable company. Like relationships, everything's hunky dory until the first sign of trouble, which is when you would see the mettle in a person or a company. To see how we go out of our way to help our customers, you can read this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/movement-first/solving-problems-differently/2342402649160280/ . With the stocks we carry, when something is faulty, there is a high chance we can replace for you immediately. For suppliers with smaller warehouses or non-existent operations, good luck getting a straight answer from them. 

Your Choices Matter 

Whether you choose to buy on the basis of solely price, or to judge a product based on its quality, your conscious decision will propel a Singaporean brand to take on the region for glory. With our company made up of Singaporeans, we are proud to build the brand in a healthy sustainable manner, with product quality and customer service at the centre of our business model. 

You can give us a chance to serve you, and perhaps, grow in strength and spirit with us. 

Yours truly,

Movement First Team.

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