Gear & Apparel

Dimensions101cm (L) x 38cm (B) x 15cm (H) Can be adjusted to be 20cm and 25 cm tall as well.  Weight: 8.2 kg
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk Blocks

Chalk that keeps your hands dry, but not to the point of bleeding! Available in:2 Blocks - 110g 8 Blocks - 440g
For a detailed track record on this product, please see this link. Price is a placeholder, every rig and site is different hence prices will vary. 
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk - Loose 300g

Say yes to reliable and strong grip.No more slipping of equipment from your hands! 
Who are our equipment suitable for? We write more in detail here.The super-thick neoprene helps retain body heat and supports the lower back.Specifications:Thinkness - 6mmLength - 42 / 47 inchWidth - 7.5 inch
Pull Up Devices

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Width of Pull up bar from one side to the other: approx 100cm Distance from wall: 52cm Handle Grips: 18cm (ample space to hold) Support up to 150kg We provide installation at an additional fee.
Shell: Durable 600D NylonNormal: 2 folds:Weight: 7kg Dimensions: 24 in x 36in x 10in (Closed)48in x 36in x 5in (Opened)Large: 3 folds: Weight: 10.5kg Dimensions: 24 in x44in x 15in (Closed)72in x 44in x 5in (Opened)
Belts Gloves & Straps

MF Hip Circle

Who are our equipment suitable for? We write more in detail here.Width: 3.25inAvailable in 3 sizes: 14in 15.5in 17 in This product is sold as a single piece.
Abs & Core Strengtheners

Premium Swiss Exercise Ball

Featured on Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body, this tool is a staple for anyone seeking efficiency in their workouts.*Comes with a ball pump*
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