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Dimensions101cm (L) x 38cm (B) x 15cm (H) Can be adjusted to be 20cm and 25 cm tall as well.  Weight: 8.2 kg
For a detailed track record on this product, please see this link. Price is a placeholder, every rig and site is different hence prices will vary. 
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk Blocks

Chalk that keeps your hands dry, but not to the point of bleeding! Available in:2 Blocks - 110g 8 Blocks - 440g
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk - Loose 300g

Say yes to reliable and strong grip.No more slipping of equipment from your hands! 
Who are our equipment suitable for? We write more in detail here.The super-thick neoprene helps retain body heat and supports the lower back.Specifications:Thinkness - 6mmLength - 42 / 47 inchWidth - 7.5 inch
Pull Up Devices

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Width of Pull up bar from one side to the other: approx 100cm Distance from wall: 52cm Handle Grips: 18cm (ample space to hold) Support up to 150kg We provide installation at an additional fee.
Shell: Durable 600D NylonNormal: 2 folds:Weight: 7kg Dimensions: 24 in x 36in x 10in (Closed)48in x 36in x 5in (Opened)Large: 3 folds: Weight: 10.5kg Dimensions: 24 in x44in x 15in (Closed)72in x 44in x 5in (Opened)
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Liquid Chalk

Even though our liquid chalk comes sealed, in Singapore's climate, the alcohol inside the liquid chalk will escape with time, leading to a lumpy mixture even when new. In our effort to help you get a "full" bottle, we can top up for you with alcohol before sending it out. Please let us know your preference by selecting the optional choices. This is the...
Belts Gloves & Straps

MF Hip Circle

Who are our equipment suitable for? We write more in detail here.Width: 3.25inAvailable in 3 sizes: 14in 15.5in 17 in This product is sold as a single piece.
Abs & Core Strengtheners

Premium Swiss Exercise Ball

Featured on Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body, this tool is a staple for anyone seeking efficiency in their workouts.*Comes with a ball pump*
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