Liquid Chalk - 200ml
Liquid Chalk - 200ml
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk - 200ml
Liquid Chalk - 200ml

Liquid Chalk

Even though our liquid chalk comes sealed, in Singapore's climate, the alcohol inside the liquid chalk will escape with time, leading to a lumpy mixture even when new. In our effort to help you get a "full" bottle, we can top up for you with alcohol before sending it out. Please let us know your preference by selecting the optional choices. This is the extra step we are taking to ensure your liquid chalk purchase remains usable and not wasted.

If the liquid chalk becomes lumpy over time, due to the evaporation of alcohol, simply buy Isopropyl alcohol from Guardian or Watsons and mix some in. It will become as good as new and you can continue using the liquid chalk till it truly runs out.

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Liquid Chalk solves the issue of keeping your skin coated with chalk on long workouts where it is not possible to have another dip in the chalk bag. The dried layer of chalk is much more resilient to rubbing off than conventional chalk, so you can last longer before your skin begins to wet out.  All our users will tell you this makes for a great base layer of chalk.  It has two purposes: Removing oil and moisture and Replacing it with an even coat of chalk.

Liquid chalk is great in gyms which do not allow loose chalk, and ensures you do not leave your hand prints anywhere else. It is suitable for rock climbing, powerlifting, body builders, baseball / softball, football, basketball, golf, bowling, gymnastics, yoga and more!

Instructions for Use:
Apply a small amount on palms. Spread the liquid chalk evenly on surfaces of palm but do not rub it in. Next, allow palms to dry.  The palms will turn white when liquid chalk has dried completely.  Make sure to allow palms to dry fully before using. 

Magnesium Carbonate, Ethanol , Colophony, Stabilizing Agent

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