Agility & Speed

Agility Ladder

Develop balance, rhythmic and body control skillsComes with PVC drawstring bag Comes in 2 options: 5m & 9 ladder steps or 7m & 13 ladder steps.
Licorice Jump Rope (Beginner) Licorice Jump Rope (Beginner) 2
  • -$3.00
$5.00 $8.00
Not ready for double unders yet? Improve your skipping form with this before getting the speed rope!
Length: 8m / 15m. Diameter of Rope: 1.5". Weight of Rope: 7kg / 14kg. Great for sports athletes, firefighters, grip athletes, wrestling, grappling, MMA, general fitness & conditioning, builds muscle & burns fat.
Sold in single pc4kgBase Diameter:10cmHeight:18cmHandle Thickness:3cm6kgBase Diameter:11cmHeight:20cmHandle Thickness:3cm8kgBase Diameter:13cmHeight:21cmHandle Thickness:3cm12kgBase Diameter:15cmHeight:24.5cmHandle Thickness:3cm16kgBase Diameter:16.5cmHeight:25.5cmHandle Thickness:3.4cm20kgBase Diameter:17cmHeight:25.5cmHandle Thickness:3.4cm24kgBase...
Agility & Speed

Reaction Ball

Safe to use on any surface A great training tool for all sports!
Abs & Core Strengtheners

Ab Mat

Provide the abs, back and obliques a good core training Material - Vinyl Leather Dimension - 36cm(L) x 30.5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H)
Sold in a single piece4kgBase Diameter: 13.6cmHeight: 20.5cmHandle Thickness: 3.3cm8kgBase Diameter: 16.7cmHeight: 26.5cmHandle Thickness: 3.7cm12kgBase Diameter: 18cmHeight: 27.5cmHandle Thickness: 4.6cm16kgBase Diameter: 21.5cmHeight: 29.5cmHandle Thickness: 4.7cm20kgBase Diameter: 25cmHeight: 32.5cmHandle Thickness: 5.2cm
Rock Climbing

Hangboard (Beech Wood)

Dimensions (Beginner) 55 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 14 cm (H)Dimensions (Advanced)60 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 15 cm (H)We provide installation at an additional fee.
DimensionLength (1st to 4th hole): 17cm Width: 4cm Height: 8cm We provide installation at an additional fee of $40.
Dimension: 60cm out of the wallWeight: 4kgLead Time: As this product is welded in Singapore, the lead time is 2 weeksWe provide installation at an additional fee.
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