Our Functional Fitness Figs are completely customizable. There are numerous designs to choose from and even more customizations available upon request which we can fabricate in our Singapore workshop. These functional fitness rigs accommodate a variety of weightlifting and gymnastics movements. The pull up bars can be adjusted for height and you can use accessories to maximize the gym space. They can be wall or floor mounted.

We have built many variants of rigs in many gyms, schools and para-military groups in Singapore. 

For our latest project, it was completed in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic immediately upon Phase 1 of reopening for Police Cantonment Complex. Even with the pandemic, we were able to meet the tender deadline, but were unable to install on-site because of Singapore's circuit breaker. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, the faces are blurred for security reasons.

Commercial Gyms - The concerns of a commercial gym is different from government agencies mainly due to space constraints, budget considerations and user experience. Hence, we work closely with gym owners to understand their constraints, and propose solutions for them. 

Boulder Movement (OUE Downtown) started with a 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2m rig with a flying monkey bar rig before extending it by 1.8m about 2 years later.
For their 2nd outlet in Tai Seng, they went with a rig which was better suited for calisthenics workouts, based on feedback from their clients.
Singapore Calisthenics Academy wanted a wall mounted rig for their members to practice bodyweight gymnastics movements. A flying monkey pull up bar allows for full height gymnastics rings exercises like a muscle up starting with toes pointed downwards.
CrossFit Morpheus wanted a rig where there are half monkey bars, and half pull up bars so their members have space to do muscle ups. It was delivered with 3 sets of spotting arms and j-cups for barbell exercises.  
Reform Chiropractic is a modern clinic which complements strength building exercises along with chiropractic adjustments for their clients.

Schools Gyms - Schools are most concerned with safety, and depending on your requirements, we can provide Professional Engineer endorsement at additional costs. But otherwise, you can be rest assured that our products are used at many places with intensive usage and holding up fine after many years!  

Riverside Secondary School needed a wall mounted rig for their students.
Eunoia Junior College got themselves a rig after they moved into the new campus.
Australian International School added a rig to their fitness gym after getting multiple power racks from us and wanted to complement them with an all-in-one system.
ITE College East customized an L-shaped rig along with swedish ladders, storage shelves and attachments for suspension trainers and boxing bags.

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