MF Home Wall Bar MF Home Wall Bar 2
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Dimensions:Height: 225cm Panel to Panel: 70cmWall to outer side of the panel: approximately 12cm
Suspension Training

Polyurethane Gym Rings

Material: PolyurethaneStrap: 4m (L) x 0.38m (W)Weight Limit: 150kgRing Thickness: 2.79cm  Sold in a pair with straps
Material: Wood Strap: 4m (L) x 0.38m (W) Ring Thickness: 28mm or 32mm Weight Limit: 150kg Sold in a pair with straps
Shell: Durable 600D NylonNormal: 2 folds:Weight: 7kg Dimensions: 24 in x 36in x 10in (Closed)48in x 36in x 5in (Opened)Large: 3 folds: Weight: 10.5kg Dimensions: 24 in x44in x 15in (Closed)72in x 44in x 5in (Opened)

Gym Paws

This product is sold as a pair.
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk Blocks

Chalk that keeps your hands dry, but not to the point of bleeding! Available in:2 Blocks - 110g 8 Blocks - 440g
Chalk and Chalk Bags

Sports Chalk - Loose 300g

Say yes to reliable and strong grip.No more slipping of equipment from your hands! 
Suspension Training

MF Ring Hanger

Dimensions67 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)
Preorder item - Lead time: 6-8 weeks upon order confirmation and payment DowelDimension: 4.8cm (Diameter) Material: Wood BracketDimension: 20cm (L) x 6cm (H)Material: Stainless Steel
Preorder only - Lead time: 6-8weeks upon order confirmation and payment Overall Dimension: 110cm (H) x 25cm (D) DowelDiameter: 52mmMaterial: Wood Colour: Brown  StandDimension: 110cm (H) x 19cm (D)Material: MetalColour: Black or White Comes with 2 stands and 2 dowels
MF Swedish Ladder Wall Bar MF Swedish Ladder Wall Bar 2
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Dimensions:Height: 240cm Width: 93cm From Wall to Pull Up Section: 37cm(wall to pull up section) From Wall to Climbing Rungs: 12cm(does not include pull up section) 
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