MF Home Wall Bar
MF Home Wall Bar
Home Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

Home Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

Height: 225cm 
Panel to Panel: 70cm
Wall to outer side of the panel: approximately 12cm

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  • Stall bar for performing range of motion exercises from sitting or standing positions
  • Versatile for use in sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, or hospitals
  • New Zealand Pine Wood coated in anti-humidity varnish for durability
  • Measures 225 x 70 x 12 cm  (H x L x W), with 38mm diameter dowels
  • Weight capacity of 120kg
  • Weight: 20kg

Perfect for sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals alike. Users can perform shoulder range of motion exercise from a sitting or standing position. Top rungs are designed for chin-ups or pull-ups. Great for rehabilitation or pre-rehabilitation (preventing injuries, and correcting posture and improving body alignment).

The pull up bar and rungs can cater to human body weight. However, it is not suitable for weighted pull ups. 

This design is suitable for places with lower ceilings, narrower space constraints or catered to children 10 years old and above. The pull up rung is also kept nearer to the other rungs so as to allow for controlled pull ups and leg or knee raises.

The differences between our commerical ladder bar and home ladder bar are the design difference, the number of rungs as well as the material of the top rung (made of pine wood). 

This product is manufactured in China with Pine wood imported from New Zealand.

Using Wall Bars for Scoliosis:

The wall bar is a fantastic device for the rehabilitation of scoliosis. For many customers with children who has scoliosis, the immediate concern is the height of the wall bar. However, scoliosis is a life long condition that could return upon the lack of exercise or stretching. Hence, if children use the wall bar, it should be bought with a Foldable Gym Mat so that children can land safely. As they grow older, they can continue using it without the mat. The alternative would be to install a short wall bar then install a taller one as they grow older, which is much more environmentally unfriendly and wasteful.

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