Gym Paws
Gym Paws
Gym Paws
Gym Paws

Gym Paws

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  • Ample protection for your hands a combination of neoprene, reinforced split leather and silicone padding cushions your palm to cut down on friction
  • Support your wrists through every rep built-in wrist wraps help to keep your wrists properly aligned and stabilized to reduce fatigue and minimize the risk of injury
  • Maximize your grip power with the ergonomic fit of the Gym Paws over your palm lets you maintain a strong grip even when your workout gets difficult
  • Ideal for any workout improve your grip strength, you can also use these gloves to work with a pullup bar or rope climbing or for dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands

Sizing Chart:

Typically, we find that Small fits palms of children below 12 years old, Medium fits teenagers, adult women and adult men with small palms while Large fits adult men with large palms.

How to measure size of palms: Take a measuring tape and loop it around the palm, not including the thumb, just below the knuckles as shown in the image.

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