Professional Swedish Ladder Wall Bar
Professional Swedish Ladder Wall Bar
Professional Swedish Ladder Wall Bar
Professional Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

Professional Swedish Ladder Wall Bar

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Rung Design

Made from Fraxinus Mandshurica or commonly known as Japanese Ash with 15 rungs. Diameter = Ø 40 mm
The two rungs on the top are positioned with one more forward and the other further behind to allow some suspension exercises or passive cervical tractions.

The four metal angle brackets can be attached either to the inside or to the outside part of the side bars of the wall bar system.

Delivery, Assembly and Installation to wall will be provided.

Customer would be responsible to ensure the wall is not a false partition and is a weight bearing wall. We are only able to install on concrete or brick walls. If the installation wall has tiles, we will not be able to install. You will need a specialized contractor to do the installation. 

This product is made in China.

Dimensions: 240 x 90 cm.
Weight capacity 150 kg.
Weight 25 kg.

Using Wall Bars for Scoliosis:

The wall bar is a fantastic device for the rehabilitation of scoliosis using the Schroth method. For many customers with children who has scoliosis, the immediate concern is the height of the wall bar. However, scoliosis is a life long condition that could return upon the lack of exercise or stretching. Hence, if children use the wall bar, it should be bought with a Foldable Gym Mat so that children can land safely. As they grow older, they can continue using it without the mat. The alternative would be to install a short wall bar then install a taller one as they grow older, which is much more environmentally unfriendly and wasteful.

How does it compare with our other wall bar?

In terms of quality, the Professional Wall Bar is definitely heads and shoulders better than the other versions, which is made with New Zealand Pine Wood, a softer type of wood. For commercial use, the Professional Wall Bar is the best we have to offer. For home or boutique gym use, you can consider our other versions. 

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