Foldable Gymnastics Mat
Foldable Gymnastics Mat
Foldable Gymnastics Mat
Foldable Gymnastics Mat

Premium Foldable Gymnastics Mat

Dimensions: 2.4m x 1.2m x 5cm

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High quality vinyl leather is used for casing for a comfortable, medium friction surface suitable for gymnastics and tumbling. It also provides a good grip on any kind of floor surface. Mat can be easily cleaned with a cloth and diluted soap.

Inside the mat, high density dual layered foam is used to provide support and extra cushioning for users

It has 4 Flaps and 3 joints and measures 240cm x 120cm and is 5cm thick.

It can be folded to become 60cm x 120cm x 20cm to become a crash mat, hence, having a dual purpose.

This mat is high quality, and it's hard to make any comparison to cheaper versions in the market with the same dimensions. You can drop by our showroom to have a look to compare. 

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