Fractional Weight Plates Set

Fractional Weight Plates Set

Hitting a plateau? This is the set up for you to bust your perceived limits!
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MF Fractional Weight Plates Set allows lifters at all strength levels flexibility in their training. Fractional weight plates are used when small weight increases are desirable, for example in progression training, or those on rehab. These plates are made to allow athletes to break through their training plateau by increasing the resistance of their exercise progressively. A little step makes a big difference with incremental training. 

Our plates are made from powder coated steel and not aluminum. Hence, it means it will last longer and stay in shape. The weight indication is etched into the plate. 

Please choose from either set:

1. Pairs of 1/4lb, 1/2lb, 3/4lb and 1lb plates.

2. Pairs of 1/4kg, 1/2kg, 3/4kg and 1kg plates.

Compatible for usage with 2-inch Olympic Bar.

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