Customized Aerial Yoga Rig
Customized Aerial Yoga Rig
Customized Aerial Yoga Rig
Customized Aerial Yoga Rig

Aerial Yoga / Pilates Rig

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As this shophouse unit did not have any weight bearing ceiling or walls (landlord put partition boards on walls and ceiling), hence we designed an overhead structure to allow the users to hang their straps and attachments to it.

The cost is entirely dependent on your structure and scale.

The process will be as follows:

1. We will need your floor plan and an approximation of your length, width and height.
2. We will provide an interim quote based on our understanding and the client will pay a deposit if they are agreeable.
3. Upon deposit receipt, we will arrange for a site visit to measure the accurate dimensions.
4. From there, we will either begin with production or provide a revised quote if there are unexpected changes. In those cases, if the client rejects the new quote, we will refund the deposit.
5. Finally, we will head down to install the rig. 

Lead time depends on current projects on hand, as well as scale and complexity of your project.

For this project, we quoted the expected total price and took a deposit to create 3D renderings for her approval. We took a 2nd deposit prior to ordering of materials and fabrication and the final payment is done upon installation on site.
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