Limitless Timer

S$ 349.00

Our Limitless Timer is a single-sided LED display panel with remote control access. You can program up to 9 interval timing programs. The timer can be mounted to a wall with the provided hardware.

Measuring 70cm x 16cm x 4.5cm, the Limitless timer displays the time in red light and number of rounds in green light, with bright 15cm high numbers which can be seen from across a large room. 

Using the remote, you can pause, mute or reprogram the device from anywhere in the room. 


1. Clock 
2. Count up till time limit 
3. Count down from time limit
4. Stopwatch (in milliseconds)
5. Programmable interval timer
6. Wall mounting brackets provided

It comes with a 3 pin plug with 1m long cable. If you require a longer cable, you can buy it here:

The replacement parts can be purchased from here.


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Limitless Timer

Limitless Timer

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