Lat Pull Down / Row [Pre-order]

Lat Pull Down / Row [Pre-order]

Pre-order item only - lead time: 8-9weeks upon order confirmation and payment

Interested customers are welcome to email us at to arrange appointments to view the items in person at our customers' gyms. 

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The pulldown exercise works the back muscles and is performed using plates as resistance. It engages the lats by isolating it without tiring out the biceps or triceps. It is essential to target your back muscles to help the proper posture and to ease pulling movements, like opening a door or even performing a pull-up. Having strong lats can help relieve back pain as well as the muscles there are strengthened and less prone to injuries.

We provide 12 months warranty from the date of purchase which includes replacement of cables, fixing of motors etc. 

Dimensions: 2.17m (L) x 1m (B) x 2.3m (H)

Weight: 239kg


Target Muscles: Upper Body / Shoulders / Back

Weight Stack: 70kg

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