Rubber Medicine Ball (1kg - 10kg)
Rubber Medicine Ball (1kg - 10kg)
Rubber Medicine Ball (1kg - 10kg)
Rubber Medicine Ball (1kg - 10kg)

Rubber Medicine Ball (1kg - 10kg)

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Medicine balls provide an effective means of improving muscular power, endurance and functional fitness. Anyone can use medicine balls to help improve their fitness. Medicine balls are used in a variety of settings – in health clubs to accommodate the health and fitness goals of novice exercisers and by advanced athletes to achieve sports-specific conditioning goals.

  • Club quality and slip resistant
  • Medicine balls are ideal for simple cardiovascular and strength training exercises, and are a great way to add variety to your workout.
  • They are also commonly used by athletes to increase power in explosive movements such a throwing and punching, as well as for rehabilitation after injury.

Exercising with medicine balls makes for a versatile workout whether you are using them to perform medicine ball exercises alone, or with a partner. Either way you are sure to work up a sweat.

  • Sturdy rubber construction with textured surface for superior grip
  • Durability built to bounce off hard surface
  • Helps develop core strength
  • Improves coordination, balance and endurance
  • Great for beginners and advanced athletes alike

Standardized colours regardless of which batch you buy from

  • 1kg - Red
  • 2kg - Green
  • 3kg - Orange
  • 4kg - Turquoise
  • 5kg - Blue
  • 6kg - Pink
  • 7kg - Yellow
  • 8kg - Purple
  • 9kg - Dark Blue
  • 10kg - Grey


  • A common usage for these balls is to throw it against the wall or ground to build explosive strength
  • This ball is rated for 2000 impacts against a hard surface
  • To extend the longevity of the ball, we recommend using an appropriately weighted ball (a user who is too strong will damage a light ball), or to use it on a cushion or grass surface or to consider the use of slam balls, which is more durable in this regard.

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