Hot/Cold Therapy Ball

Hot/Cold Therapy Ball

Diameter: 8cm
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Our Hot/Cold therapy balls can be heated or cooled according to the user's needs. For instant heat, a microwave or simply hot water can be used. It can also be put into the freezer to be used as a cold massage ball. It is great for deep tissue massage, pain relief, workout recovery, muscle tightness and more. Use it on your back, foot, hamstring, leg, shoulder, glute, neck, quad, calf, or anywhere that needs relief.

The ball contains a gel pack internally so while it can be put into the microwave for up to 30 seconds. However depending on the type of microwave used, it can easily overheat so please test heat the ball in steps of 10 seconds. The ball also gets increasingly hotter once its taken out of the microwave so users should try holding the ball in their hands for a few seconds to test if it is at a suitable temperature.

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