Cast Iron Weight Plates (Olympic) 1kg - 20kg

Cast Iron Weight Plates (Olympic)

**Please note that plates have 2" holes**

Sold as single piece.

No tax


These are durable cast iron weight plates that are designed to be used with Olympic Bars.

Each 80kg Set comes in 20kg x 2, 10kg x 2, 5kg x 2, 2.5kg x 2, 1.25kg x 4.

Why buy Cast Iron Weight Plates?
  • Size: It is denser, hence smaller. For deadlifts and squats, having thinner weight plates means putting more weight on a bar
  • Durability: Made of cast iron, the plates are less prone to cracking compared to TriGrip Weight Plates
Diameter of each weight:
20kg: 42.5cm
10kg: 28cm
5kg: 23.5cm
2.5kg: 18.5cm
1.25kg: 15cm
1kg: 12.5cm

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