Plastic Kettlebell

Plastic Kettlebell 12kg - 20kg (Thick Handle - No Exchange or Refund)

Sold in a single piece

Base Diameter: 18cm
Height: 27.5cm
Handle Thickness: 4.6cm

Base Diameter: 21.5cm
Height: 29.5cm
Handle Thickness: 4.7cm

Base Diameter: 25cm
Height: 32.5cm
Handle Thickness: 5.2cm
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Plastic versions of common weights are inherently larger than their metal counterparts. This is due to metal being much denser than plastic. In return, plastic weights tend to be much more affordable compared to metal versions due to cheaper raw material. It is about 30 - 50% cheaper than their metal counterparts.

Please take note that it may come larger than your expectations. There will be no exchange if you find it bigger and unusable for your purpose.

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