Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)
Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)
Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)
Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)
Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)
Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)

Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)

  • No screws, no drilling needed. 
  • Very simple to set up and use. 
  • Comes with premium extended foam handles to improve grip.
  • Note that there will be screws given in the package and it is optional to use them.

Installed by tightening - involves tightening the bar (typically onto a door frame) without drilling it in. This means the bar can still be loosened and moved if needed in the future.

Installed by drilling into concrete wall - involves drilling the screws provided into the concrete wall (typically in a corridor). This is more permanent and costs slightly more.

  • Locking
  • Without Locking
No tax
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Why is there such a price difference for Doorway Pull Up Bars?

There are online sellers that go as low as $10 compared to ours which sell for a relatively higher price. The difference is in the quality of the bar. We use a chrome steel ball with an extra thick inner wall (1.5mm) with 30mm chome plated pipe and use high density foam across the entire bar. This allows the maximum weight of the bar to be able to withstand to be up to 200kg.

Cheaper bars on the market can hold much lesser weight as their inner wall is much thinner and the grip is smaller as well.

Like other products we sell, we tend to bring in the best available product in the market so that it is more durable.

The weight of our short pull up bar is 1.6kg, and you find cheaper bars as light as 1kg, which is a significant difference in quality and long term durability.

What is the difference between locking and no locking pull up bars?

Locking pull up bars provide an additional safety mechanism compared to the non-locking ones. By locking it with the clasp after tightening, you prevent it from accidentally loosening during training, because mistakes happen even to the best of us. 

Our recommendation on which bar to buy:

  • Short: Most doors in HDB or condomnium
  • Medium: Larger doorways or corridors within apartments
  • Long: Corridors outside the apartment or in landed property

What is Installation?

90% of our customers are able to install the bar by themselves but if you do not feel confident to set it up on your door, our friendly staff can pop by your house to help you mount it on your door or corridor, but once only! 


To set it up, follow these instructions. 

  1. Hold one end and turn till it extends sufficiently.
  2. Hold the other end and turn (in the opposite direction) till it extends sufficiently. 
    Pro Tip: If you twist with all your might and it does not budge, try turning in the other direction!  
  3. When you put it on your doorframe or corridor, it should provide enough tension to hold itself on the door, but not enough to support your body weight.
  4. Holding the "centre part" of the pull up bar, turn either towards or away from you, and you will feel it tightening onto the doorframe. Turn it with all your might until the centre part no longer turns anymore.

    If you have bought the locking version, read on.

  5. Loosen the screw on the clasp and release the handle.
  6. Move the clasp towards the centre of the bar. The purpose of the clasp is to prevent the bar from shortening back into itself during usage and causing the bar to fall off.
  7. Tighten the clasp, then tighten the screw.

    You are done! 

Before doing pull ups, do check with your body weight hanging on the bar if you had tightened it sufficiently. 

When doing the pull ups, do take note that since turning it in one direction will tighten it, doing a pull up with your hand rotating in another direction wil also loosen it. Hence, hang in the direction which will help to keep the bar in a tightened state. If you do not understand what we mean, do give us a call so we can explain it in person. 

Note: The pull up bar comes with silicone pads on the side which is used to provide pressure on the door frame to hold the pull up bar. It also comes with black rubber knobs to attach to the doorframe for people who would like more security, or with a softer doorframe or slanted doorframe. If your doorframe is sturdy and not slanted, you do not need to use the provided metal caps and screws.

This product may not be suitable if your doorway is old, the wood is rotting internally, or hollow, or for use on hollow partition walls.

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