Indoor Rowing Machine
Indoor Rowing Machine

Indoor Rowing Machine

Dimensions when assembled: 2.4m x 0.62m x 1.06m

Weight: 26kg approximately

Item will be assembled on site. 

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Air vs Magnetic Rowers

Movement First also offer Magnetic Rowing Machines here!

Both kinds of rowers work the same muscles and offer users the same set of functions using the same techniques but read on to see which suits your uses better.

The resistance created by air rowers is due to the the "air" created by users when they pull the handle as it spins a "fan flywheel". As the flywheel spins, it must move the "air" in the front and side of the flywheel. The "air" around the flywheel creates resistance which then requires the users' force to move. As a user rows faster, the flywheel spins faster and must move more "air" at a greater resistance, which in turn requires more force to maintain. This allows them to mimic the resistance felt when rowing a boat on water closely.

As such, air rowers have an infinite number of resistance levels fully dependent on the amount of force exerted by users. 

Magnetic rowers use a magnet in its flywheel to create resistance to counter the force exerted when the handle is pulled. While air rowers create resistance by moving the "air" around the flywheel, magnetic rowers utilize the magnet's currents to resist the flywheel's spinning instead. 

Magnetic rowers also feature a magnet in its flywheel for braking that is adjustable using dials.

The main differences to keep in mind are:

- air rowers are noisier due to the air movement in the flywheel while magnetic rowers are silent in comparison. 

- air rower resistance is dependent on how fast a user rows while magnetic rower resistance can be set throughout the workout 

The rower provides a full body, low impact workout and is a great addition to any home or studio gym. 

It simulates actual rowing in water which can be mentally calming especially when paired with repetitive movements and good form.

This product is used intensively at Singapore Sports School

Product features: 

Heavy flywheel ensures smooth handle and seat movement.

Clear LCD display shows wattage count, time, distance and calorie count. 

Adjustable between 10 different resistance levels for different kinds of training. The intensity of the workout can be easily changed to the user's capabilities and comfort level. 

The rower has wheels attached for mobility and can be assembled fairly easily.  

Fully adjustable foot straps/pedal to fit most users. 

Maximum user weight limit: 227kg

Warranty Coverage:

Structural frame 10 years (does not cover wear and tear)

Seats, pedal straps, and grips 1 year (does not cover normal wear and tear)

Mechanical parts 3 years (provided regular maintenance is done)

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