MF Roman Chair (Back Extension Machine)

MF Roman Chair (Back Extension Machine)

Dimension (Foot print): 133cm x 74cm  
Height range: 73.5cm to 93.5cm
Product Weight: 23kg
Weight Limit: 150kg

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One of the most vital part of a human body is the lower back. Lack of lower back strength will lead to poor posture, back pain and back aches. With a strong lower back, you can be sure that not only will you be free from daily pain and aches, but will also have an overall improvement in your athletic performance.
MF Roman Chair is the right tool for you to strengthen your lower back. You can do back extensions to strengthen the spinal erectors. Not only that, you can also do side bends to strengthen the obliques.

This product is suitable for teenagers, home and boutique gym use. This is not suitable for heavy commercial usage. 

The video below is a product that is similar to MF Roman Chair:

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