Resistance Bands

Power Bands Pair (30cm)

For rehab, complementary movements or supporting powerlifting.Sold as a pair.
MF Home Wall Bar
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Dimensions:Height: 225cm Panel to Panel: 70cmWall to outer side of the panel: approximately 12cm
Barbells & Weight Plates

Colour Bumper Plates (Olympic)

Sold in a single pieceDimensions (diameter x thickness)1.25kg: 21cm x 3cm 2.5kg: 27cm x 3.5cm 5kg: 45cm x 2.5cm 10kg: 45cm x 4cm 20kg: 45cm x 7.3cm 
Bumper Plate diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard is 450mm) Bumper Plate Collar opening: 50.4mm* Insert type: Stainless Steel Sold as a single piece
Barbells & Weight Plates

Spring Collars (Pair)

Ideal for use on training bars with training plates They are designed for 2" Olympic BarbellsRing: 20mm
Sold as a single piece Dimensions (handle thickness/length)1kg - 3.2cm/17.5cm2kg - 3.4cm/20.5cm3kg - 3.4cm/23cm4kg - 3.8cm/25cm5kg - 4cm/27cm
Strength Tools

Gym Sledge Hammer

Dimensions (Weight/Total length/Handle thickness)6kg/76.5cm/3.1cm8kg/100.5cm/4cm12kg/102.5cm/4cm15kg/103cm/4cm20kg/104.5cm/4.1cm
Barbells & Weight Plates

Home Barbell Set 15kg

1 x 1.5kg chrome plated bar with knurling for grip 4 x 2.5kg plastic weights 4 x 1.25kg plastic weights  2 spring collars Diameter: 26mm Length: 131cm
Sold in a single pieceDimensions (diameter x thickness) 1.25kg: 21cm x 2.5cm2.5kg: 26cm x 3cm 5kg: 28.5cm x 3.5cm10kg: 35cm x 4.5cm 20kg: 45cm x 4cm As the product is rubber coated, there will be a slight rubber smell.The smell will usually be gone after it has been left in the open air.
Bench Racks & GHD

Seal Row Bench

Dimensions 100cm (L) x 110cm (W) x 80cm (H)
Heights- 2.25"/6"/12"/15", according to industry standards.  Boxes are sold as a pair.  The 2.25" block must be used on the top of the stack when the sets are in use. This will ensure longevity and help prevent damage to the exterior layers of wood. Lead time is 6-8 weeks upon order confirmation. 
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